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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Perplexities About Simplicity of Life

Yesterday, I sat down to paint so as to divert my mind from thinking about a day I very much wanted to forget, and surprise! The painting I ended up making exactly resembled the pattern of the dress I was wearing that day, so much so that if the painting and dress were shown to some stranger he/she will certainly believe that either the dress is inspired by painting or vice-versa. What made me create something related to a day I so wanted to run away from? The best answer that comes to my mind is ‘subconscious’. it perplexes me, It seems like a magical trick to me-an illusion. Painting is an escapade for me, when my mind gets too weary of thinking about something I can’t seem to get away from; I pick up the brushes and colors and withdraw from the world for a while. Needless to say, my paintings never find displays outside my room; they are far too personal for that. A painting listens to me when I am dying to say what I know and nobody cares enough to listen, it’s like hugging someone and crying your heart out , knowing that this very person will understand every single little tear drop of yours. World’s biggest miracle as well as irony is, what we keep on seeking for years and years on end and are often not able to find, is buried deep inside us all along.
                                                                  Every decision of ours affects the universe in some way, even if you are sitting idle at this very moment; it has its implications. Whatever you choose to do, affects not only you but also the higher order of things. Every human is important in that way. Your yearnings and journeys are not meaningless they have given you some wonderful gifts, may be you are just not aware. Nothing you have done till now can be put out to be unimportant and neither can you be said to be unimportant ever. You are very crucial to this world, your doings affect the world in a unique way so be very careful in your choice of what you are going to do, it will affect the cosmos in some way.
Life to us numerically is ‘these many years’ say...he lived for 64 years, but qualitatively life consists of just the few days out of these years; the days which are unforgettable for us.  When I decided to paint, to me I was just painting with some colors and few brushes on a paper to get my mind off of something, but actually I was recreating a day without being conscious of it. Likewise we do many things without being conscious of them so choose wisely when you have to decide ‘what you ought to do’.

wishing you a happy life…...:) :) :)

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