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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Am I A Crocodile Or A Dove???

In midst of this choas around me,
I fell in love with the silence my soul could achieve,
it engulfed me too n let me retrieve,
the serenity that i perhaps always had in me...

harmful it was meant to be,
but has made me stronger and invulnerable,
made me realise that i was able,
of being better than anybody around me could be...

u may always tell me,what all i can't be,
but sorry i won't be the one to believe,
for i am not going to grieve,
all that you couldn't be for me.

i am not the one to think life could have been better
could have been happier,
for i don't adding if only's,
i am not sorry cz it has only made me stronger,
made me tougher.

i had innocence of dove,and it still thrives in every vein
but now i have got crocodile's skin,
for i don't being a napkin,
i am not sorry cz i haven't lost my heart,
haven't lost my soul.

i only do believe,in being what i want to be
in loving one's i want to love,
am i a crocodile or a dove???

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