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Saturday, March 19, 2011

What to do when it's HEAD v/s HEART??? :) can take you towards simplification of life and also has the ability to add complexities to such an extent that it would seem there can't ever be anything simple.Heart makes you think something else all the time,it may be a song or a beloved,,,the heart that keeps on saying,'ohh,what if he was here..with you..'...'ohh,he would have loved this on..
So this heart of our's thinks parallel to our mind..but the difference lies in the fact that while our brain is in our control,heart is far beyond our control,and we find ourselves saying,'ah this thought is so stuck in my mind'...
But heart is a tough thing to deal with,it would keep on working,even if you want it to or not...
you may want to get rid of it,and sometimes u must,to live in present,here and now.To achieve to your fullest,to reach the zenith of success.To do so,u must make close your eyes,make yourself comfortable and for once totally concentrate on what your heart is thinking and when u will concentrate on it,it will start to fade away.And in a few moments it will disappear.Then,you can be completely alert and concentrate on 'whatever you should'...:)) hpy lyf...:)) 


  1. well..confusd...hw do u say..mind n heart...thnk.. parallel..

  2. as in,heart thinks differently,but simultaneously with mind...

  3. well i dnt thnk so...dat mind n heart thnks simultaneously....wen u thnk wd ur shuts down d brain..