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Friday, April 22, 2011

A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever

(drawing room of a house designed on nature theme,extremity of the kind of attempted recreation of nature that i am talking about below)
A new multi-story apartment building is coming up in the street next to my home.While walking home one day, from the sidewalk,I noticed that they had put up a gate to the building,an iron gate with really beautiful intricate patterns of roses,vines and creepers carved in iron.
''It is a beautiful thing,something to feast eyes on" I thought instantly and that reminded me of John Keats 'Endymion'...
                                   "A thing of beauty is a joy forever"
How he talks about the beauty of nature,the all peaceful sleep in a shade naturally made of vine leaves in forest.
Herein lies the irony,We(the human race) destroy the forever beauty of nature to make cities. We destroy whole forests for sake of industrialization and then we try to recreate that very beauty in iron as in the case of the building's gate.First we destroy what god has made for us,then we try to recreate it.We may be able to create several things of utter beauty but Alas,we are mere humans.We can't recreate the ultimate everlasting beauty of nature and thus can't enjoy that peaceful sleep,that content joy.
We do the very same thing in our lives too. We are so mad about success(money,fame and so on) that we think the people who help us out of love for us are idiotic are helping us because we are smart enough to fool them to make them do that work for us. Thus we kill all the warmth of human love that god has created for us. Later we try to recreate that content joy (which only the warmth of human love can provide) through different ways like shopping for clothes, jewelry  or adventure sports, in case of Hollywood's celebs through adopting children, trying out different religions etc, Indian celebs believe in setting up charity organisations.
We,the human beings, forget the only Truth worth remembering, i.e, salvation can be achieved only and only through love,human love.


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    nxt few lines...wer lyk...kitni mehnat ki hogi .."i mean sort of" ....itna sochte kyun ho yar...salvation human luv.....dnt destroy ne ways gud luck on ur salvation achievin mision...

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