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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Between Black and White:The Grey Area

I always used to think,or rather used to console myself with the thought that life is not divided into just black and white,there are grey areas too.But now it looks like the grey areas are figments of our imagination for the want of ours to justify our indecisiveness,to explain away those awkward moments to ourselves where we can't decide due to lack of confidence or abundance of love in us.But then life is life and we have to decide finally on questions like, do i really love him/her? ``` why do i love or care about,when he/she doesn't cares?```will life be the same without that person?```and if you start answering these questions to yourself honestly,then it looks like the end of the world,so ur mind answers like this...'may be that person loves u'```'may be he/she cares```'n life may or may not be same'''
Yes,in teenage everything seems like end of world...but we later discover, 'It wasn't' shun the 'May be's & the "Grey areas' out of ur life.arrive on decisions sooner and with lesser pain,just by making yourself realize there are no grey areas...there never were..and never will be...:) let in every colour into your life and have a passion to enjoy life to fullest...have a colorful Happy life..:)

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