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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Dear beloved,
The path of life is and will always be the path of mystery because there is no answer to  'what is love?'. Loving you is like plunging into a dark night, but I know this mystery would never go away, this  knowledge makes me learn to accept this dark night, to live  with it, it's the  desire to go on.
 I  know  you  may  love  someone  else, for  it  is  the  way  of  life, but  I  also  know  that  you  will  never  love  anyone  as  you  love  me, because  it  feels  like  I  m  a  part  of  you  forever  and  you  are a  part of me.Now I know, that love is the key to understanding all the mysteries,it makes me capable of learning everything and of knowing things I  had never dared even to think  about. 
There  are  some  moments  in  life  when one is  totally  at  peace  and  yet, the  only  possible  alternative  seems  to  be , to  lose  all  control. It  was  one  such  moment  when  I  told you  I  was  in  love  with you  and  I think  one  such  moment  when I  fell  in  love  with  you, though  I  remember  the  first  moment and not  the  latter. 
I  am  engaged  in  discovering  the  meaning  of  life and you, somehow make it easier for me to do so. I am glad that you exist. With  you  in  my  life, it  has  become  much  more  intense, much  more  brilliant  because  each  minute  of the  life, each  step that  I take  goes   far  beyond  me. I know there is a reason for us to be together, and for me, it is enough, though I don't know the reason. 
Sometimes it feels like you are the reason of existence of this whole world, if you were not by my side, it won't matter if all the angels came flying down from heaven to comfort me, and heaven will make no sense then. I love you because you have shown me the joy of love. Life is an act of faith and you are the path I have chosen. I know my expressing emotions like this may worry you but I guess with time I would acquire wisdom and wisdom can tame the wild horses that the emotions are.Yeah, I know that problems of heart bruise the soul, but sometimes in life we arrive at a point where nothing matters...

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