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Sunday, May 15, 2011

What If You Were HERE..!

IF u were Here,may be we would be at a mickey D's or Domino's right now snuggling up to each other,offering the last bite to each other,being like "ohh,i don't want it,u have it"...:)...Or may be,we would be sitting on opposite sides of bed,staring into our respsctive lappis,after a silly fight..But anyway it would be AWESOME,cz U would be right HERE...our love is abnormal,don't you think so? we love,fight,find each other cute,gorgeous and awesome at the same time...we love each other,we care enough about each other to get enraged...i love how you can be so freakingly cute and how you make me feel like the most loved person on earth,how you can break my heart to pieces in a sec and heal it in a microsec...on the whole,i just love the way you love me,which makes me love you all the more...i cherish the love we have and i love that cuteeeeee smile you have...I Love Us...:)

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